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PolyBak PB69


PolyBak PB69


General Description:

With just the right mix of performance and economy, PB69 is our most popular PolyBak™ backer. At 2.5 times stronger than the leading saturated Kraft paper backer of the same thickness, PB69 is most commonly used as a backer for laminated substrates, but is also used as a paintable overlay for substrates and columns.


Performance Level: Standard
Nominal thickness: .020"
Color: Brown
Standard Widths Available: 25", 31", 37", 49", 61"
Standard Lengths Available: 97", 109", 121", 145"
Available in 1800 lineal foot rolls
Standard Sheet Unit Quantity: 250 sheets* 
*25" & 31" widths have a 500 sheet unit quantity

Common Uses:

Good wood veneer balancer
Balancing backer


Key Advantages:

 Strong balancing backer for substrates faced with decorative laminates
 Very flexible
 Unlimited shelf life
 Class A Flame Spread Rating



GreenGuard Gold certified
NAF (No Added Formaldehyde)